Saturday, August 29, 2009


Very similar but very different from Hypnobirthing is Hypnobabies. A friend of mine out here in Phoenix teaches these classes and you can also do a Hypnobabies homestudy course. Here is a quick description of the hypnobabies course:

Hypnobabies® is a 6 week complete childbirth preparation course that teaches the same medical hypnosis techniques used by people who undergo surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthesia. Couples will learn about the stages of birth, prenatal nutrition and exercises, how to stay healthy and low risk, powerful “Eyes Open” childbirth hypnosis and more! For more information and/or to register please contact Noelia Waldo at (480) 295-0895.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My husband told me last night that I need to blog more on the "laborlooks" blog. I told him there is only so many things you can blog about with hospital gowns. Being the marketing manager that he is he quickly reminded me that Laborlooks is more than just hospital gowns.
Laborlooks is about labor. It is about preparing mothers to become the best mothers they can be. It is about bringing life into the world. Granted we are attempting to make sure this all happens with STYLE, but with the resources of a midwife and a labor and delivery nurse we need to start blogging about more things.
This made me realize that I do need to branch out and talk about more things. Which leads me to my topic today which is "HYPNOBIRTHING". I decided to talk about all different styles of childbirth preparation and since I have the most experience with Hypnobirthing I figured I could start with this.
The main idea of hypnobirthing is that when muscles in our body are working correctly they don't cause us pain. When we are in a relaxed enough state of mind we are able to go through labor without pain, or with minimal pain. I have actually worked with many clients that say they didn't experience any pain using this method!
My personal experience with Hypnobirthing was that I unfortunately taught myself to fall past deep relaxation and into sleep. So every time I tried to practice my self hypnosis I fell asleep. When it came to labor this happened as well. When listening to the guided prompts I would immediately fall asleep but then wake up for each contraction. Not the best way to do it- but I was able to relax completely between contractions which helped my labor go faster.
Another nice thing is that whenever I have problems falling asleep now I just turn on my hypnobirthing CD!
I did have an amazing instructor and if you are searching for an instructor you can find a list of them near you on the hypnobirthing website

Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome Addison!

Just as Brittani shared with you three months ago, I will share my labor story. First of all, I have to say, I have heightened respect for my sister Brittani and her natural childbirth in April. I was ready for an IV and pain medication as soon as I walked through those hospital doors. Shortly thereafter, I had an epidural as well. As many of you know, labor can be quite unpredictable. After several heart-rate scares and a slow-moving labor, I went in for a C-Section. This was not what I had anticipated, but my little girl needed to get out and the wonderful doctors (and my midwife) made the best decisions for her health.

Because of the C-Section, I spent a number of days in the hospital. I was a bit nervous to try out the gowns, worried that perhaps my product would in some way not measure up to my very high expectations. But I was pleasantly reassured as I found the gowns to be very functional and fabulous. Immediately following my C-Section I changed into the first of my three gowns. I received compliments to no end, coupled with questions from physicians, nurses, lab workers and other patients. I even managed to throw in a few shameless plugs for my LaborLooks line ;) I have to say, I received the most compliments on the Devyn line of gowns. They are funky, retro patterns with bold black and red colors.

What an amazing experience!

As for you new mommies and mommies-to-be, continue to send us your feedback, your stories and your photos...