Saturday, August 18, 2012

Body for Baby: Fail

I started my healthy diet and exercise program back in January. I wanted a good 3 months to prepare myself in order to be in the best shape to get pregnant.

Flash forward 6 months. Not pregnant yet, getting a little discouraged, and tired of keeping up all this healthy eating, smoothie making, and limiting myself on all the sweets.

Another month goes by and I am busy busy with patients delivering babies. Up all day, up all night, I have fallen off the exercise train.

This month, still not pregnant, still busy, still tired. I think I have eaten ice cream from the doctors lounge  6 out of 7 days this week. I would have eaten it all 7 days, but one day the flavor of ice cream was carrot cake.  Seriously? Who makes carrot cake ice cream. bleh.

What keeps you motivated? How can I get back on track? I am still taking my prenatal vitamins with DHA, my vitamin d, probiotics, and folic acid. I am maintaining my ideal weight but just not exercising and the food I eat is not the best. I have added in a lot of sweets.

Don't tell me to look at pinterest... there is only so much motivation I can get from pinterest... I look at all these work out plans and pins that people have put up, but I usually fall asleep before I finish reading a work out plan because it sounds so boring and I am tired. Plus, who really could ever look like that? Do I want to work that hard to look like that? Absolutely not, I want to work hard to get a big baby bump!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I don't make this up

I walked inside this morning from a short hike and my girls are sitting watching a movie. Dad was still upstairs sleeping and my daughter says, "Daddy said that if we are really quiet and don't wake him up then we can have a baby brother!"
My husband claims he didn't say this, so these little girls have quite the imagination.  Seriously though, I don't make this stuff up.