Monday, November 17, 2008

Do you really NEED a reason?

Just in case your husband or boyfriend or partner or mother or sister or friend isn't convinced that you NEED a Laborlooks hospital gown, here are the top 10 REASONS why you should get that gown:

1. Sanitary- yes, the hospital gowns have been bleached about 1 billion times, but you just feel better in something that you know you washed yourself.

2. Makes for WAY better pictures... now we know your partner may never admit it... but that preggo face isn't gonna be so hot on your baby's first birthday when you pull out the photo album... at least with a laborlooks gown you look stylish

3. The matching receiving blankets will make it easier to spot your baby in the nursery-- all those big eyed stranger kids and grandparents staring in the windows to try and find their baby will look at you in your gown and realize that the most beautiful bundle of joy in the nursery is...alas...not their kin... but your newborn baby. (hello- relatives and friends will already be able to tell- it is the strangers you want to impress- right?)

4. I would way rather bring home a hospital gown as remembrance than the baby's foreskin (remember Meet the Fockers?!)

5. When your partner drops off the baby at the nursery at 3:00 am and comes back to the dark room he won't mistake you for the woman in the next room over because you are wearing something totally unique!

6. It will be smelling like the baby and mommy which you can bring home and let the dogs/pets smell in order to get used to the scent-- much better than stealing a hospital blanket (believe it or not, the hospital blankets aren't yours to keep!)

7. The snaps make for easy breastfeeding without the embarrassing slits in the front of the hospital gown which do make for easy access, but also are often the culprits of peek-a-boo when you least expect it. (this is a good one to point out for those jealous dads who are already upset that "their boobies" are being stolen by a newborn- let alone the weirdos walking down the hall who might accidentally get a peak.)

8. I don't think I mentioned how the gown ties on the side... speaking of peak-a-boo... this prevents those embarrassing moments of waddling down the hall with a makeshift pad as big as a diaper... and your other child (or random rude kid) is wondering out-loud how they make diapers that big.

9. It doesn't cost as much as a wedding dress (or a prom dress or church dress for that matter)- and almost as much planning has gone into this big day of bringing a child into the world as was spent planning your wedding or other big event.

10. and finally if you haven't convinced whoever you are trying to convince- just look at them with those big sweet eyes, rub your belly tenderly, and remind them of how much freakin pain you are about to go through to bring this bundle of joy into the world- so you might as well get one awesome hospital gown out of it!

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