Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I finally got to wear my own laborlooks gown for the big day! I got to experience the action first hand! I wanted to test it the whole way so I wore it for labor/delivery/post partum.
Here are my thoughts on the gown during the three stages:
Labor- It was roomy enough to move around, get in and out of bed, and to rock on the birthing ball. I had a natural childbirth so I didn't have an IV or an epidural- so I can't speak to how well it worked with those aspects.
Delivery- I did consciously make sure the gown was untied and lifted up from underneath my bottom so I didn't have any messes on the gown. I did bring an extra one with me to the hospital- just in case- but it kept very clean. I did take if off after the birth when the midwife lifted her up to my chest- for skin to skin and breastfeeding time.
PostPartum- Easiest time to use the gown I think. I had snapped and unsnapped the gown at the shoulders a couple times before I wore it because the snaps can be a little stiff in the beginning and this could have made undoing the gown a little hard for breastfeeding- but I seriously had no problems. After showering I threw on a hospital breastfeeding gown and the slits were always showing a boob or too much tummy so I quickly switched back to my laborlooks gown. I also got lots of compliments and people asking me where I got my gown. It was such a fun and neat experience.

Maybe another day I will share the birth story with you!

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