Saturday, August 18, 2012

Body for Baby: Fail

I started my healthy diet and exercise program back in January. I wanted a good 3 months to prepare myself in order to be in the best shape to get pregnant.

Flash forward 6 months. Not pregnant yet, getting a little discouraged, and tired of keeping up all this healthy eating, smoothie making, and limiting myself on all the sweets.

Another month goes by and I am busy busy with patients delivering babies. Up all day, up all night, I have fallen off the exercise train.

This month, still not pregnant, still busy, still tired. I think I have eaten ice cream from the doctors lounge  6 out of 7 days this week. I would have eaten it all 7 days, but one day the flavor of ice cream was carrot cake.  Seriously? Who makes carrot cake ice cream. bleh.

What keeps you motivated? How can I get back on track? I am still taking my prenatal vitamins with DHA, my vitamin d, probiotics, and folic acid. I am maintaining my ideal weight but just not exercising and the food I eat is not the best. I have added in a lot of sweets.

Don't tell me to look at pinterest... there is only so much motivation I can get from pinterest... I look at all these work out plans and pins that people have put up, but I usually fall asleep before I finish reading a work out plan because it sounds so boring and I am tired. Plus, who really could ever look like that? Do I want to work that hard to look like that? Absolutely not, I want to work hard to get a big baby bump!


Becky said...

After 8 months of not getting pregnant, I went to acupuncture. Boom. Pregnant. Works every time for me.

Mama Blogger said...

My biggest downfall is limiting myself too much only to cave and binge. After the birth of my first daughter (and weaning) I used MyFitnessPal to track what I ate. It made me accountable for what I put in my mouth. It made me realize what I was eating. I found that if something was high in calories I was embarrassed to put it in the diary (even though no one else saw it but me).

Another key for me is not to deny myself anything. If I wanted a cupcake I would break it in half, FIRST throw away the half I didn't want myself to eat and then eat the other half. If I ate my half first and the other half was sitting there I would inevitably eat it.

The last major key for me was water intake. I try to drink as much as I can. Before I eat a meal I drink a glass or bottle of water.

Quit looking at Pinterest. Those "inspirational" photos just make me more discouraged because unless I can be at the gym 4 hours a day and have a personal chef my body is just not built to look like that. After two kids there is no way my hips will look like that photo in your post. ^^

You are beautiful just the way you are!

Jan said...

I find the best way to get moving is with a friend and doing something you love. My one can't-miss exercise class is a hip hop cardio that I do with a friend and we go every week...even if we have to get a sitter to go to a gym class!

And, where do you buy your vitamins? Is there a really good place you recommend or just any drug store? You are awesome for wanting the best for baby!! Keep it up! Love you Brit!

Holly said...

I haven't been doing to great with the diet/exercise thing either. I started a new regime about the same time you did and have since fizzled a bit as well...I am re-committing myself though.

When I'm hungry I eat stuff I don't even like just because it's convenient; so I'm trying to keep lots of good snacks ready to go so I don't have to scrounge. I’m also trying to stick to the list while shopping – no extra junk. Get in and get out. No excuses.

I don’t have a gym membership - or the time to go anyways- and my kid’s never been much of a napper. So if I want to exercise I have to fit it in somewhere. Like doing a squat every time you have to pick something up or lunges while you brush your teeth - then if you don’t have time to do anything else that day you got something in.

If you aren’t seeing the results you desire try something else. I know you said you weren’t interested in pinterest but it is an easy place to find different exercises. I get bored doing the same things so I pick a pin now and again when I have time and do the workout it’s linked to…and if there’s nothing good in it I delete the pin…or if you like it then keep doing it -or just the parts you fell are productive… some variety is nice. Remember the definition of crazy is to keep doing the same thing expecting different results 

Set realistic diet and exercise goals and add more as you feel you can. Earn your ice cream with # of crunches or play with your kids until they’re tired. Make your changes habits instead of sacrifices.

You have the power to do anything if you apply yourself. If you’re making excuses the only one you’re cheating is yourself. Set goals and keep them. Don’t make sacrifices make habits. Choose to be positive. You may not be able to wish yourself pregnant- but you can bend your body to your will. Thank you for all the support I have found in you. Good luck!