Monday, December 12, 2011

Mommy Monday: Poop

I thought by the time I had 2 preschool age GIRLS I wouldn't have to worry about potty talk and poop conversations.

I thought that was only for boys.

I haven't had someone pooping in diapers for a year.

So why is my 31 month old daughter so obsessed with poop?

Here is what I deal with on a daily basis:

"Mom, can I talk about poop?" "Not right now Cara."

"Mom, can I talk about poop in my room?" "Sure Cara, go into your room and talk about poop." She then proceeds to run to her room giggling and sings "poop poop poop" to the tune of Jingle bells. Laughing and smiling the entire time.

"Mom, can I talk about poop in the car?" and before I answer she starts saying, "poopy poopy poop-y" and my almost 5 year old says, "STOP IT CARA, you are hurting my feelings by talking about poop." so when does talking about poop hurt feelings?

She constantly singsongs about going poop. When she goes to the bathroom she is giddy with excitement, saying "here comes the poop" and "buh bye poopy!" and "oh there is so much poopy!" She reads books while she is sitting on the toilet and she babbles and pretends the read them and they all have the dominant theme of poop when she "reads" her books.

She is learning knock knock jokes and every joke she tells she ends with the word poop. If I reprimand her she says, "mom, it is just a poop joke."
can you believe this scrunchie face child is obsessed with poop?

So my husband and I have tried to sit down and talk with her about her poop obsession. We are trying to give it time and trying to ignore her when she talks about poop, but it is hard to ignore when her older sister is around.

So, all you parenting experts and psychologists out there. What is the deal?

This was our child who we potty trained at 19 months because she had some poop not staying in her diaper issues and she never had a poop accident after that.

Is she stuck in some Freudian stage?

Or do I just need to laugh and know that it will eventually pass??

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