Sunday, December 11, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: Push Packs Giveaway!


Small Batch Studios was founded by Laura Magu, a mother of three small girls who loves to create and sell things that other people love as much as she does. Laura created the Push Pack after the birth of her first daughter when she realized there wasn't a complete list of things that moms really wanted with them in the hospital for the time surrounding the birth of their babies. After giving the Push Pack as baby shower gifts, and using it twice herself, Laura realized new moms and busy moms need the Push Pack and began her business.

Included in your push pack: EO lavender scented shampoo, conditioner, bath gel. Lotion. Bath sponge. Make up / eye make up remover. Razor & shaving cream. Deodorant. Comb & Hair bands. Toothbrush & toothpaste. A & D ointment & breast pads. Lip balm. Disposable underwear. Do-Good reflexology socks. Maxi pads. Playing cards. Hand-made (by me) thank you cards - assorted "baby" designs. Notepad & pen. Lollipop & gum, Assorted snacks.

So here is the giveaway!!

Ok fans!! Like, share & win!! Small Batch Studio & Labor Looks - what a great pair!!

LaborLooks has teamed up with Small Batch Studio and is giving away a LaborLooks Gown & Push Pack (the perfect gift combo for an expecting mom) … since it is the season of giving, this is how it works…

“Like” LaborLooks
“Like” Small Batch Studio
Write a short wall post (on either LL or SMS fb page) telling us the name of the expectant mom you are nominating for the gift set.

For every 10 likes on your post you will be given one entry into the giveaway… Winner will be randomly selected on Monday, Dec 12th at 6:00 pm.
The expectant Mom will win a LaborLooks Gown & Push Pack and YOU will win a $25 Target Gift Card… HAVE FUN! Thanks for sharing with your friends. We love how much our fans have helped us grow! Happy Holidays.

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macattak19 said...

My friend moved hear to CA and has no family hear.her first birth has hard she would love this for her hospital stay for her second baby due in April. we are neighbors and that how we became friends.i like both on FB and have gotten 2 gowns for friends from labor looks in the past.