Monday, February 6, 2012

Breastfeeding at a Friend's House

Another one of my favorite breast feeding stories is when my daughter was about 8 weeks old. It was right before I started back at work. I wanted to get out of the house so I went over to a girlfriend's house. She had 2 wild boys running around while she was getting their lunch ready and I was just holding my baby and chatting with her while she did her thing.

Once she really started prepping lunch for her boys I knew it was time to nurse. I was standing in the kitchen and I discretely lifted my shirt and started nursing my daughter. I kept chatting and she got lunch on the table and drinks and got them all situated. We finished our conversation as her boys headed up to the table and started eating. As they were mid meal I finished up nursing and then went over to the table and started talking with her boys.

She jumped up and said, "Oh, you probably need to nurse your baby. Do you want to use the back room?"

I started to laugh as I told her that I had just finished.

When was the last time you nursed and no one had any idea that you had just fed your baby/toddler?

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Heather said...

HAHAHA. i'll be the 1st to admit that i'm not super comfortable with the idea of women whipping their boob out and nursing without a cover, but if its discreet enough (like this obviously was!) then more power to them!!! :)