Friday, February 24, 2012

Where Do I Donate?

What do you do with your clothes that your babies grow out of?

I really should have donated them- or passed them along as hand me downs.

I have ALWAYS saved my girls clothes. It was smart and practical in my mind. It saves money, time and energy. My almost 3 year old needs new shoes? I walk out into the garage, search through my boxes and I have 6 brand new pairs of shoes for my daughter.

Here is the problem. I feel like a hoarder! We are getting ready to move so I have been going through all of their old clothes. I picked out the sentimental ones and condensed them into 1
huggies box. Read that again- 1 box!

I started with 12 boxes and 2 giant tupperwear bins. I pulled some really nice outfits out for my little sister and her baby but the rest I am putting out at my garage sale that I am having tomorrow.

After they are all gone from the garage sale then I will donate them. Maybe to a charity besides Goodwill? Like a shelter? What do you think? Where do you donate your old clothes? What do you do with the clothes your kids have grown out of?

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Anonymous said...

Mostly Deseret Industries because beside reselling items, DI does a heck of a lot of job training. The goal is to have all their employees moved on to new and better jobs inside 9 months. They employ mentally handicapped individuals and those wanting to get off the street. Also, they send their overflow donations to third world countries.
Something else you might find interesting, another arm of the same organization trains midwives in underprivileged countries, making birth so much safer for those mamas. They also do training in other parts of the world on how to dig clean wells, and then provide the equipment with which to dig them.