Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kindergarten Orientation

This is all happening too fast.
I remember when you first starting sitting up. Or when you crawled for that first time at church to try and get a cheerio off the ground.
or that time you ate a cricket...uck.

But seriously, I remember your first itty bitty steps, the first 10 days you spent away from me (and with Grandma!) while I was doing intense training for my midwife school.
I remember your big cloth diaper bum. How you always sucked your thumb (oh wait- you still do!), and how you LOVED to sleep on your tummy.

I remember bringing home your baby sister, and you looked SOOO big compared to her tiny little body.
And here you are, sitting pretty in your pigtails at kindergarten orientation. You met the principal. You politely shook her hand and said, "my name is Ryann Paige Hamilton" with a grin. You took a tour of the school where you will learn and grow and someday reach the stars.

I think I need a tissue.

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Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"I think I need a tissue."

haha. Typically a mom, just like my mother when I finally graduated on college. Time passes so quickly,and our lives so short. God bless your daughter, eh.

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