Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Stethoscope

I am so excited about my new Stethoscope I got recently. It is an MDF 3 in 1 Cardiology stethoscope. No I am not a cardiologist, nor am I diagnosing heart murmurs... but I do listen to heart and lung sounds every day on adults and on newborns.
So what is the big deal? Um.... It has interchangeable heads!! It turns into an adult, pediatric or neonatal stethoscope in the blink of an eye. Super cool belt clip to keep them all together, and it has a lifetime guarantee and all that good stuff.
All it needs it a fetoscope and it is a midwife's dream! Haha. But really I am in love. It is so much fun to use and play with and I don't have to have both stethoscopes around my neck all the time.
Plus I look really good in blue.

I'm just sayin...

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