Sunday, April 15, 2012

Special Guest Sunday: Belli Skin Care Products

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, so I thought I would start back up with the new skin care line I have been using. I didn't get paid for this post, I didn't get free product for this post, I really just was searching for a face wash for my acne that would be safe to use in pregnancy.

Did I mention that I am NOT pregnant... currently... but that I want to be in the near future?? So I am spending a few months getting "body for baby" ready and one of the things I needed to eliminate was all the chemicals I was putting onto my face each day in order to prevent acne.

My routine before the switch to Belli Skin Care products was this- a benzoyl peroxide face scrub HERE , followed by a clean and clear acne salicylic acid moisturizer HERE, and then I topped it off with a prescription Clindamycin acne medication HERE

That is a lot of stuff, most of which I don't want and shouldn't use in pregnancy. So I made the switch a few weeks ago to Belli. Let me tell you, it smells amazing, every single time I use it. It isn't one of those smells that is great in the beginning and then fades over time. It seriously always smells fresh. I also have noticed that I haven't had any breakouts. I was expecting breakouts for the first couple weeks while my face was getting use to the new routine- but nope, it didn't happen. And trust me when I say I am very prone to breakouts.

I also use the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator. It is $32 for 2oz. I almost flipped when I saw that, but the girl I talked to promised me that a little goes a long way. It seriously does. I use a pea size or smaller for my entire face and it feels fabulous after I use it. I expect it to last me at least 3 months, using it twice a day.

So that is it, I love it. I will be buying more when this runs out, and I plan on using this skin care routine for my entire pregnancy... when it happens.

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