Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun on Facebook

My sister and I are in a mommies group on Facebook. It is mostly with local moms from the Napa Valley where we both grew up and where Ashley still lives. Recently a mom had some questions about a hospital that Ashley and my Dad work at. It was really neat to see these posts come up:

One mom says about Ashley:
But I've had Ashley as my nurse ALLLLLL 3 times and I love her :) best. nurse. ever.
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In fact, she is truly the one person I'm going to miss for this delivery :/

Another Mom Says about our Dad:

 Dr Wagner delivered my daughter! (breech sceduled C -section but i went into labor an had an emergency -section) He was so calm, comforting and confident! At the 3 day newborn checkup the nurse was his wife and she was soo sweet too! At my pp checkup he even said it was too bad it wasn't 10 years earlier because they would have been more likey to go ahead with having me try a vaginal birth even though she was breech and facing sideways and cross legged. He also said that with the way my labor progressed and such that I would be a great candidate for a VBAC. I actually felt very supported even though the birth was not my plan I never felt like I didn't have a voice.
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" I'm seeing Dr. Wagner (who was also Sofia's OB) Andes he is thorough, very calm and comforting, and didn't give me a hard time about my homebirth plans."

It was like night and day. The Dr and nurses truly listened and were helpful with my 2nd with the 1st that is a whole other story
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So I'll try and set up appts with Dr Wagner then ;) did you choose to stick with following up with kaiser just in case you need a back up plan? Or how did you choose?
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What an amazing group of people that we have around us to support us. Thank you to all the wonderful friends, families, moms, coworkers, and everyone else that makes up our support system.  We couldn't get this kind of support and encouragement even if we sought it out.  

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