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How to Make a Baby Boy

No secret that I would like my next baby to be a boy. I have 2 girls already, but how far is too far in trying to choose the sex of your baby?

Look what I found :)

How to make a baby boy?

My husband likes to have a son so I would like to know if there's any way or any tips to make a baby boy?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Oh! I forgot some detail of my question. I would like to know a way or tip that I can do myown for free of charge or with charge but low price.

Thank you again.
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Timing intercourse: Have intercourse the day of ovulation.
Timing intercourse correctly is the most important factor.
Learn to detect when you ovulate and practice until you're sure you understand your body's signals that ovulation is approaching.
The ideal time for intercourse is 12 hours before ovulation.
Have intercourse only once on the day of ovulation.
If you are tracking ovulation by the BBT method, time intercourse for the day of the "dip" in temperature before the BBT rise.
If you are tracking ovulation by the CM method, time intercourse as close as possible to the shift from peak mucus back to thicker, cloudier mucus.
Why is this important?
Conditions for conception are ideal on the day of ovulation, favoring the faster Y-sperm. The egg is released at ovulation and is waiting for the sperm, so the sperm don't use up their short lives waiting for the egg to show up. Also, the environment of the vagina becomes more hospitable to sperm at ovulation; the cervical fluid increases and becomes more slippery, making it easier for the sperm to swim, and also becomes more alkaline, helping the sperm to survive.
Abstinence: The father must not ejaculate during the 4 - 5 days before ovulation.
Intercourse and ejaculation are okay up until 4 to 5 days before ovulation, but after that point the father must avoid any ejaculation until the day of ovulation.
Always use a condom when you have intercourse, both before and after ovulation, to prevent the possibility of conceiving on days when it is more likely to have girl. (Except, of course, during your one attempt on the day of ovulation.)
Avoiding ejaculation allows a higher sperm count to build up. Higher sperm count is associated with more male offspring.
Scrotal temperature: The father should "keep it cool".
The father should make sure to avoid excessive heat around the scrotum, which can be caused by tight, hot clothing, or an overly hot workplace.
Choose boxers. Even close-fitting underwear can make the scrotum too warm by holding it too closely against the body.
No saunas, hot tubs, or scuba diving.
Bicycling has been linked to impotence and reduced sperm count, so while you are actively trying to conceive you may want to choose another sport.
The optimum temperature for sperm production is a little lower than body temperature, which is why a man's sperm factory is housed in a handy bag just outside the body -- the scrotum. If the temperature is too warm, sperm count for both X and Y sperm will be reduced, but the more fragile Y-sperm will perish first.
Sperm count: The father should avoid other causes of reduced sperm count.
Illness can temporarily reduce sperm count, so if the father is sick you may want to delay your attempt until the following cycle.
Smoking, drug and alcohol use, and exposure to toxic chemicals, can all reduce sperm count.
Emotional stress is associated with lower sperm counts. You may want to check into relaxation techniques.
Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are lifestyle changes that can improve sperm count.
Lack of certain vitamins and minerals can lower sperm count. You may want to try a nutritional supplement for enhancing male fertility
If you're worried that you may have a low sperm count, you can use an at-home semen analysis kit to check your sperm concentration.
Any form of stress, not just heat, can affect sperm production and lower sperm count.
Diet: The father may have some caffeine just before intercourse.
The father can have a couple of cups of coffee (or other caffeinated drink) fifteen minutes to half an hour before intercourse.
Caffeine gives both types of sperm a boost, but the Y-sperm would get a little more of a boost.
Female orgasm: Have one!
The woman should try to have an orgasm during intercourse, ideally just before the man's. (If you don't, though, don't get too hung up about it.)
Female orgasm causes the cervical fluid to become even more plentiful and alkaline, and thus more hospitable to the sperm, which would again favor the faster swimming Y-sperm.
Vaginal environment: Try to make the vagina as alkaline as possible.
Douching: Enhance the vagina's alkalinity with a baking soda douche. If you do decide to douche, here is how to prepare a baking soda douche:
Use 2 tablespoons of baking soda in warm (not hot) mineral or filtered water.
Wash your hands and mix thoroughly in a clean glass.
Cover glass with a napkin, and wait 10 minutes to allow to completely dissolve.
Most drugstores have reusable douche kits available. You may also be able to buy an inexpensive disposable douche (with a removable top), and pour out the original contents. Since most douches are acidic, rinse very thoroughly.
Douching is linked to vaginal infections, and associated with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, and infertility. Consult your doctor before using a douche.
Dietary supplements and pre-conception gender diet:
Out of the several methods that were used over decades, the only method time tested and almost sure method is sex selection by ionic equilibrium, i.e. modification of diet before pregnancy.. You’ve made up your mind but your body's condition may be preventing the conception of your chosen gender.

By Altering your your body chemistry through a preconception gender diet prior to conception you can change the pH level in your body, and therefore, it can change the polarity of the egg. . The resulted charge will attract one gendermore than the other


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Aquagal is guilty of not citing properly, it is truly offensive and offensive to see it reposted.

Want a baby boy? Have sex every other day after menstruation and make sure your partner ejaculates every other day when you are not interested. Avoid sugar and simple carbs, get a lot of exercise (but not more then your usual best effort), get more protein then your usual. Pretty simple, worked three times for us.

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