Saturday, September 1, 2012


Have you heard of NoseFrida??

When my little sister Devyn was in town her 8 month old got pretty congested. This made it hard for baby Hazel to nurse, so Devyn and I went on a hunt for NoseFrida. We found one at Buy Buy Baby and then Devyn went to town. 

 Hazel actually LOVES this product! She laughs and giggles every time that Devyn uses it to suck out her boogers and snot. The best part is that the boogers never ever even get close to Devyn's mouth, but Devyn is controlling the amount of suction being used to suck it out. 
The tube never actually goes inside Hazel's  nose, that way we know that there wont be any damage done during the process.  What an awesome product. I highly recommend it!

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Kelsi Da Silva said...

Sorry I know this is SUPER random, but in looking at this same product on amazon there's a HILARIOUS comment about it titled "it sucks boogies..." a little crass sorry, but hilarious!