Monday, July 25, 2011

Mommy Monday: Prayers

Do you pray with your children?

I do.
Until about a year ago I always told my daughter what to say in her prayer and then she would repeat after me.

Slowly she started learning how to pray on her own.
It wasn't until recently when she REALLY started learning to pray on her own.
I am talking about "Please let me mommy have a baby" kind of prayers.
(that prayer lasted about 3 weeks... she has since quit praying for that... for now)

A few nights ago she prayed that we would be able to ride horses tomorrow.

Lucky for her, Grandma heard this prayer.

I want to teach my daughter about prayers. I want her to know that there is a power out there, I call it God. Some call it the universe, some call it karma, some call it energy, positive thinking, or whatever... but in the end I want her to know that her prayers aren't wasted. They aren't for nothing.

But I also want her to be realistic.
The baby thing... yes, someday it will happen. Some day her prayer will be answered.


Tonight when she prayed that we could find a real unicorn and ride it... I don't know how to gently let her down that no matter how much she prays that might not work out in her favor.

unless I visit a carousel...

How far do you go to help little prayers get answered??

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Krista and Aidan said...

So far no unicorn requests from my Little guy. We spend a lot of our prayer time being thankful for family, friends, soft pillows, a home, soft get the idea. Once in a while he asks for something but it's all been doable.