Sunday, July 24, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: Parker's Birth Story

I woke up Saturday, July 2nd at 3:30 am excited. I felt a few contractions and I was so happy- I didn't know if it meant he would be here soon, but I was just happy to feel my body working to have a baby. They were not painful at all- and had no rhyme or reason to their timing- at least from what I could tell- and I fell back asleep...
Brett got up at 6:45 am to go golfing, I told him I was having mild, irregular contractions but that he should still go golfing- it took some persua
ding from me, but he went.
While he was gone I went on a walk, showered, got ready all without noticing any contractions- so I started thinking they weren't going to come anymore- and that was it for the day.

Brett got home from golf around 10:30 am- neither of u
s wanted to dwell to much on the possibility of having the baby that day, we didn't want to get our hopes up. So we decided to go to the mall, have lunch and walk around- turns out we ended up meeting one of Brett's best friends at the mall, and we chatted with him for a couple hours- helping the time fly.

After we said goodbye to his friend and we were heading home, it was 5 pm and my contractions were definitely becoming consistent and stronger.

For those of you who didn't know, I was planning on go
ing through my birth using hypno-birthing. Which is when you use methods you have practiced over the course of your pregnancy to bring yourself into a deep state of relaxation- and enjoy a calm, peaceful atmosphere of dim lights and soft music as you bring your baby into the world medication free.

We started keeping track of my contractions, meaning writing them down, around 6:30 pm. By then they were about 9 min apart and I c
ould talk through them-
They gradually got closer together and by 8 pm they were about 5-6 min apart.

Since 6:30 pm I had been listening to my relaxation music and trying to be sure I was relaxed- and calm, making it easier for my body to do it's job.
We did this for 2 more hours- timing contractions, relaxing and talking between contractions.
I was happy- Brett was happy, and we were beginning
to realize that our baby was coming closer!

By 10 pm I couldn't talk through contractions anymore- they were very strong and intense. At 10:30 I told Brett it was time to go- we got in the car (in between contractions, because I couldn't move during a contraction) and headed to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital- luckily I was pre-registered- so we walked to the front desk, she asked me a question (can't remember what it was)- I jus
t know I didn't answer as a contraction came I leaned over and put my head on the desk while Brett took over the questions.

They brought us to a room- I changed- they strapped heart beat monitors on my belly to hear baby's heart beat and watch contractions. The nurse
checked my cervix and got a really confused look on her face.

"hmmm, I can't seem to find your cervix" - "Let me go get another nurse"-
The other nurse came in, got the same expression on her face and said,
"umm, I think she's at a 9"

With this information I was relieved. We had wanted to labor at home as long as possible, but it being my first pregnancy I had no idea what to expect f
rom my body- I was happy to hear my body had done it's job.

From that moment on things turned into a mad rush around us.
Nurses were running around, bringing in tables, gear, and other nurses.
One nurse asked if I was planning on going un-medicated, when I told her I was she said it was a good thing- not sure I would have had time for medication.

They called my doctor at home, since she wasn't on call that night. My doctor was 37 1/2 weeks pregnant herself, but got up from bed and came straight to the hospital because she wanted to deliver my baby. I love my doctor!

Since we got there with such little time to prep, the nurse had to ask me all sorts of questions between contractions- allergies, medications, medical history- I answered in the beginning, but about after 15 min- Brett took ov
er the answering.

It took me about another hour to dilate to a 10- and then my doctor came in and asked if I wanted to push or let him come.

I wanted to push. By this time the most intense pain I was feeling was my lower back. It was the worst pain I felt my whole labor and delivery. I couldn't change positions- I tried standing, sitting, anything to help ease my back pain but it wasn't h
elping. I found the best position was on my side while Brett pushed on my lower back for counter-pressure.

Brett was amazing during this whole process- he had my music going, lights dimmed, and was doing anything/everything I asked him, fanned me, stopped fanning me, pushed on my knees- anything. He kept encouraging me and stayed right by my side the whole time- I loved it.

After I told the doctor I wanted to push- we began tha
t process and it was an hour of pushing until we saw our baby boy.

There is nothing to compare to the feeling of seeing your baby for the first time.
It really is such a miracle- and I was over-whelmed with love for him.

Parker was blue- the cord was loosely around his neck- he was placed on me for about 3 seconds before the doctor said, that's good enough, and told the nurse to get him to the respiratory therapist ASAP. She was worried, whi
ch made us worried.

The nurse literally picked Parker up by his ankles, whirled around and dropped him on the respiratory nurses table. They began sucking stuff out of his lungs, nose, mouth and I still barely heard a peep. Brett went over to the table, watching the nurse and began talking to Parker- Parker turned around at the sound of Brett's voice and began crying. It was a happy sound!

Then our lives changed forever, and were so happy an
d emotional to meet our new son and make our family, a family of 3!!

Choosing to go un-medicated was a choice I had made before I went into labor- during labor and pushing I can't lie and say I never thought, "wow, this would be great without pain"- but after it was all said and done, I am so thankful I delivered this way-
It was amazing to feel my body do all the work and function the way it was supposed to.

We love you Parker, and are so overwhelmi
ngly happy you are here!

(My awesome labor looks gown was a baby shower gift-
I decided to wear it after I had the baby- I loved it, and so did all the nurses!
Thanks Wagners! :)

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Krista and Aidan said...

Beautiful! Tell all your pregnant friends that labor can be wonderful like yours. I despise it when women tell their horror stories to other pregnant women.
Way to go Mommy and Brett! Welcome to the world Parker!