Monday, August 29, 2011

Mommy Monday: Birthday Party Gifts

Saturday I took the girls to Target to try to find a present for a 3 year old little boy.

They don't know this little boy, but I am friends with his mom and they were invited to his party.

We spent a lot of time at the store trying to decide was a 3 year old boy would want for his birthday. Since my girls are 2 and 4 it took a little while for them to figure out that one daughter is almost 3 and the other was 3. I am still not sure they got it.

Anyway, we ended up picking out a Cars Memory Game HERE
So I have a couple questions here...
1. How much money do you spend on birthday gifts for friends kids?
2. Where do you get birthday gifts for other children?
3. What are the best 3 year old boy gifts that are made by moms??

Send us your links, etsy addresses, and facebook pages to like so we can share the love and I can stop buying generic, boring gifts like Memory!!

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Anonymous said...

Except I know some little kids that used to play memory for hours with their Daddy and Grandpa!!