Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Wednesday: Perks

There are some perks about working in a "doctors office" I use the term doctor loosely because we all know I am a midwife and not a doctor, and most of the time when you are at your "doctor's office" you are really seeing a PA or a Nurse Practioner.

The first picture here is of an obvious perk:

Sprinkles Cupcakes. Seriously Amazing. HERE
I ate 2 of them. But don't worry. There are more for tomorrow. I am hoping to hold out and just eat 1.

Today I was also blessed with 2 boxes of paradise bakery cookies. Now I could be selfish and bring them all home, but I really want my Medical Assistants to be nice to me so I left them open in the back so everyone could eat as many as they wanted.

Who are these from? Well, I could dive into the evils of the drug reps who are trying to buy my business/soul for some cookies, but that is not where this is going.

Okay, maybe it is. But maybe not... did you know I don't edit these posts? I just type them and push "Publish." So we will see where this goes...

I like to think that I am above all that. I like to think that I don't sell my soul for a cupcake or a nice dinner out, but the thing is, I often do try their product when they come around.

For example. There is a new birth control pill out on the market. It is Lo Lo Estrin. This is the lowest dose of estrogen on the market in a birth control pill (besides no estrogen birth control pills). It is new and since it is new the company is putting a lot of money into marketing it. So the rep comes by with cookies, lunches, and promises of dinner. This is a 10mcg estrogen pill.

My medical assistants get off great. They get all the perks but they don't have to listen, research, and learn all about the side effects and benefits of these pills. I listen, I learn, I read, I ask questions, and I really truly look into the studies and trials that have been done.

Because of all this information I have been prescribing the Lo Lo Estrin to some patients who I think are good candidates and can't tolerate other birth control options. The lower estrogen is supposed to help reduces some of the negative side effects of estrogen that women see in typical birth control pills. These side effects are things like nausea, breast tenderness, and mood swings. The pill is also supposed to reduce cramps, acne, and length of periods.

So yes, I got some cupcakes and cookies today, I will probably write some prescriptions for this medication in the future, but until I get feedback from my patients (good or bad)... that is when I will really decide if those cookies are worth it.

Guess what guys? A happy patient is much better than an afternoon with some sprinkles cupcakes.

Win-win is sprinkles cupcakes and a happy patient.


MelissaAggie98 said...

Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

Baker said...

What could be better than one happy patient and one sprinkles cupcake?... Two happy patients and two sprinkles cupcakes...duh.

Momfever said...

That really is win-win! I'm following you back!