Sunday, September 4, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: PumpEase

Another mom who will be auditioning for the Born By Mom's reality show is a Canadian mother who founded Pump Ease. Pump Ease is kind of like a bra that goes over your nursing bra which allows you to pump hands free! It fits women of almost all sizes... 32AA to 48H and beyond.

It is machine washable, cute (you know we love cute!), and simple to use. Check out their website and blog
I was a pumping working mom for over a year with both girls.
When I worked at night at the hospitals as a labor and delivery nurse I didn't worry about doing something else with my hands... except it would have come in handy the times I fell asleep pumping.

But with my last daughter I was pumping at the hospital while trying to finish charts; pumping in the office while trying to answer emails, phone calls, and sign off labs; and some days I even had to pump in the car.

This would have been sooo handy.
Guess what? Someday it will come in handy because I will definately be purchasing a PumpEase hands-free pumping support.

Look what else they make that is cute:
This would have helped keep people out of my office when I was pumping last time.

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