Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Body for Baby: The Baby Daddy

Some might call me a little crazy for trying to get so healthy to have a baby. But if you don't think I am crazy yet then just read on...

If you don't think I am crazy for eating spinach smoothies, running in the hot Phoenix sun, or for wanting an unmedicated homebirth, then you might think I am crazy because I am bugging my husband to have healthy sperm.

*Seriously. Like the other day I saw him with his laptop on his lap. I only had a minor freak out when I said, "you have no idea what kind of crazy radiation is going to your sperm right now, get that off your lap!"

*I also bought him a ginormous bottle of folic acid about 5 months ago. I heard from a colleague that it makes "super healthy sperm."  Uh yes, I want that.

*No "tighty whities." I don't want the sperm to get too hot.

*Take your omega 3 fish oils daily, if it helps baby's brain develop then it must help sperm too.

*No alcohol or smoking (we don't ever do that anyway).

I haven't made him diet or try to lose weight like that, come on, I don't want to give him a complex.

Oh, he might already have one (a complex) you say?  Yeah, probably, like I might just be using him for his sperm...

But how could I not want more when he has helped me make 2 amazing beautiful daughters already?

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{april kennedy} said...

hahaha...love this. so funny. but seriously...such important facts!!