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Mommy Monday: No Mommy is Perfect

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I think it is quite comical and made me think about all the times I was NOT a perfect mother.
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Thanks to all the Boonies that submitted their "No Mommy is Perfect" stories. Here are our top 5 picks - now you get to vote for your favorite! The winner will receive a $200 Spa Gift Certificate. Congrats and good luck to the finalists.

  1. On a rainy day, I had to rush out of the house with my two boys in tow. I fumbled out of the front door, toting my plump two month old in his carrier and my two year old by the hand, I tried to race down the walkway to the car. My toddler seemed resistant and focused more on dragging his feet than scurrying to the car. I reminded him that we need to move quickly in the rain and wondered out loud why he kept looking down. Once I got him in the carseat, I realized why. My poor little guy was wearing nothing but soggy socks on his feet! I managed to put his dress him in a hat and coat but forgot his shoes!
  2. After my daughter was born as all new moms know, it’s VERY hard to get a good night sleep. One night during a diaper change, I must have been so tired that I was half asleep while changing her diaper. When I woke up in the morning I remember feeling the sheets and they were damp. Then I looked at my hands and there was crap on it! Yes “number 2”!! I put her diaper on inside out so all of her “number 1” and “number 2” came out the side, on the sheets and on my pajamas! I couldn’t help but to laugh and run the both of us into the tub.
  3. In the past almost 9 years I have had plenty of Mommy moments, but one in particular stands out. In the wee early morning hours of Christmas Day, 2005 I went into labor with my second second daughter, Meghan. We were very surprised since I wasn’t due until January. My then 3 year old, Tara, was home in bed expecting the next morning to be Christmas- complete with Santa and presents. We had called my Mom to come and stay with her at our house while my husband and I went to the hospital. My husband and I decided that when Tara woke up, we would have my Mom explain to her that we were at the hospital having the baby and that it wasn’t Christmas yet. When she woke up she was shocked to find my Mom at the house without us. When she said Merry Christmas to my Mom my Mom told her it wasn’t Christmas yet- thankfully, she was just confused and said, but Nana I had the strangest, really, real dream that today was Christmas and Santa came! Biggest lie ever. And it came from her parents.
  4. Back in January, our family was under a lot of stress (death in the family, a miscarriage & changing jobs). I was trying to handle it, along with my husband, as best as possible. He was working late one night, and that left me at home for one of the first times in awhile with all three of our children. The night started out okay- with our not-so-healthy dinner from the freezer section of Trader Joe’s, and hanging out. Then, my 6 year old daughter fell and cut her head- while trying to handle the wound (and blood pouring out), I hadn’t realized our 1 year old had gotten my sleep-aromatherapy spray off my night stand. I noticed as she was holding it, spray nozzle popped off & attempting to drink it. As quick as I could, snagged it way, took her to the sink to wash her mouth while calling poison control. If calling poison control, handling a wound and juggling still trying to hold it all together wasn’t enough… my 9 year old son interrupts to say he broke his TV. At that point, I couldn’t do anything else, except cry & laugh at the same time. I’m not perfect… I don’t always keep it together emotionally, but I try to be as good as a mama as possible. Luckily, my husband was able to come home shortly after and all was fine. No trips to the ER…(from the wound or aromatherapy spray!!) and the TV was able to be fixed.
  5. I’d spent my day dropping my daughter off at school, taking my son to a zoo playdate, having a meeting, and doing errands. I had a volunteer meeting that evening, after feeding and bathing the kids and putting them to bed. I was tired but satisfied because I thought I had the two kids thing down, finally. I brushed my hair back and realized that there was a lollipop stuck in it. We’d had lollipops at the zoo, which meant that it had been there all day and no one had mentioned it. Such a mommy moment.

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