Monday, May 30, 2011

Mommy Monday: No More Breastfeeding

Today was my first full day of not breastfeeding my baby (22-months-old). I have spent the past 2 months attempting to cut back on breastfeeding. I had this great idea that I would just keep feeding her at night but this was an unsuccesful attempt.

Today, was hard on both of us... somehow we made it through the day... I redirected her attention numeous times, read her books, took her to her first day of gymnastics, handed her off to Daddy and even left early for work tonight. I called my mom on the way to work, a mix of emotions. Usually when I get off work, I get home just in time to get Addie out of bed, cuddle & feed her, then sleep for the day before heading off to work again... tomorrow morning I will be skipping that feed.

My husband asked me today, "do you think we should wean our next baby earlier so it won't be as hard?" My answer, "absolutely not ~ I am so happy to have breastfed her for the past 22 months ~ I am just ready to stop."

I am a lucky mama ~ many women have a much more difficult time feeding that I did. I have an excellent support system. I have a job that gives breaks for breastfeeding and a husband that is behind me 100%. I have a midwife sister (Brittani, who does most of these blog posts!) that always told me that she admired that I was still breastfeeding, that she thought it was amazing and she was proud of me. I have coworkers that said, "are you still breastfeeding that baby girl? GOOD FOR YOU!" But of course, there were still so many people that said, "when are you going to wean her?" "Isn't she getting too old for that?" and "You're going to have to go feed her at recess when she is in Kindergarten."

So, take the chance, whether is be a coworker, friend, sister... and let them know that you support their efforts. The benefits of breastfeeding are enormous for both mom and baby but in case you need just a little reminder... this is from the American Academy of Pediatrics website...

Breastfeeding is good for your baby because...

It's easier for your baby to digest.
It has all the nutrients, calories, and fluids your baby needs to be healthy.
It has growth factors that ensure the best development of your baby's organs.
It has many substances that formulas don't have that protect your baby from many diseases and infections. In fact, breastfed babies are less likely to have
Ear infections
Pneumonia, wheezing, and bronchiolitis
Other bacterial and viral infections, such as meningitis
Research also suggests that breastfeeding may help to protect against obesity, diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and some cancers.

and my favorite

Breastfeeding provides warmth and closeness. The physical contact helps create a special bond between you and your baby.

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Cathy said...

You are a wonderful mommy Ashley!! You are also a wonderful daughter-- first hand experience-- thank you for being such a sweet and wonderfully talented mommy for our Addie (and Ethan) !!!