Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trusting Tuesday: "I have to PUSH!"

This week is National Nurses Week.

Most of the people reading this blog have or plan to have their baby born in a hospital. If you are having your baby in the hospital in the United States you are going to hope for an excellent labor and delivery nurse.

My labor nurses were AMAZING! It did help that they were close friend's who I previously worked with when I was working at the hospital. My darling nurse April, missed my birth with Cara. I called her when I was on my way to the hospital. She got in her car at the same time and she came in a few minutes after I had welcomed my sweet girl earthside.

Fortunately I had another wonderful nurse, Amy, who was there to help me out. She was quiet, she let me labor, she respected my wishes for a natural childbirth, free of an IV or pitocin, and guess what else? SHE TRUSTED ME! She knew I was prepared, she knew I knew what I wanted and she listened when I said, "I have to push!!"

Ask any nurse, when you hear the words, "I HAVE TO PUSH" your ears perk up. Labor and delivery is very unpredictable business. A first time mom, barely having contractions, who has been in labor for 3 hours... if she says "I HAVE TO PUSH!" you go running. Even though every part of your mind is screaming saying, "No way is that possible!" It has happened to every one of us.

So please thank your nurses during this Nurses week. The work long hours, they work hard, they keep you safe, and they trust you when you yell, "I have to PUSH!"

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~Trish said...

So true! They all came running once they heard me scream those words :)