Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: Tender Gifts Doula

During my pregnancies I took way better care of my body than when I wasn't pregnant.
Why do women do that? Why don't we take care of ourselves ALL OF THE TIME?

I always took my vitamins, never drank caffeine, limited sweets, and I exercised regularly.
I drank water until I thought my bladder would explode. I, like most women, wanted to do whatever was best for my baby. I also didn't want to gain a thousand pounds, but that came second to my desire to have a healthy baby.

After I had my baby I soon returned to work and found myself pumping 3-4 times a day, 5+ days a week. I pump before deliveries, I pumped in the nurses lounge, I pumped in my office, some days I even had to pump on one side at a time while driving (thank goodness for hands free pump straps!). I image that would have been hard to explain to a police officer or the person who I rear-ended because I was distracted.... seriously though... don't report me. I was a busy busy midwife.

During the middle of all that pumping my milk supply dwindled. I was soon pumping an ounce or two when I used to be pumping 6-8 ounces! I thought immediately to boost my supply with off label use of medications- Reglan and Domperione. While I have seen success with these, I was hesitant to used because the risk of side effects that hadn't been studied in nursing mothers.

This is when I turned to Tender Gifts Doula. is a wonderful website of a local Phoenix mama who sells Mother's Milk Tea in bulk. She is super reasonably priced and guess what? Her teas work! I posted on my family blog about the time I used her tea HERE From the ingredients I see are Red Raspberry, Fenugreek, and I can't read the rest- but trust me- it helped. I was able to increase my milk supply and continue nursing past my daughters first birthday.
I didn't know about Althea and her magic teas until after I had my daughter. Had I known about her during pregnancy I would have used her Mother's Life Tea as well (I hear her red raspberry tea tastes much better than her milk tea).

Go ahead moms- check out her website

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