Monday, October 3, 2011

Mommy Monday: Dress Yourself

Is letting your children dress themselves helping them grow? It is being a "good mommy?"

I have no idea... I sure don't feel like a "good mommy" when I let my kids dress themselves. I feel like a lazy mom who doesn't care what they wear or how they look.

I guess I gotta get over that, because my 4 year old is fighting me getting her dressed more and more each day.

So here is what I am going to start telling myself... Letting my children dress themselves will teach them independence, self esteem, and they will learn to love themselves and be proud of what they do.
She doesn't look to happy though, does she? She really was though. She was just grumpy because I made her come inside and wouldn't let her play in the street while chasing the birds off the lawn.

Anyway... How come when other people let their kids dress them end up looking cute?

Like NieNie. Her kids always look cute and I hear she lets them dress themselves. Have you heard that she lets them dress themselves- or did I just make that up? Can someone confirm that?


Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Thanks for the follow - following back! I think kids look cute wen they dress themselves, even if they have completely different shoes on their feet! :)

Anonymous said...

If you do everything for your kids and don't let them learn any responsibility for self, you're just setting the whole family up for a 40 year old kid still living in the basement or coming home every couple months when this or that job doesn't work out.
Trust me: you are doing the human race a favor by teaching independence. I think they call it parenting... :D
(in case you can't tell, this is me saying "GOOD JOB, MOM!")
Kids are WAY more capable than we give them credit for these days. My four year old empties the dishwasher, sets the table and when he turns 5 in a few months, will be in charge of folding towels.
Fostering independence helps them have faith in themselves so when they get a little older, they know they are capable of doing hard things on their own.

Shannon Palmer said...

Following you back!

Laura Magu said...

My oldest daguter has dressed herself since she was 2, I think. I say I think because at that time I had a 6 month old & was dealing with morning sickness so my life was pretty crazy. I welcomed one less thing to do! She is now 4 & is very opionated about her clothes, what she will & won't wear. (Even offering me fashion advise!) Sometimes it looks funky but other times it really works. I don't care. I have bigger fish to fry ;)