Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Fake Rings for Swollen Fingers

At what point in your pregnancy did you ditch your wedding/engagement/promise ring for a fake one?

What? You didn't ditch your rings during pregnancy because of swollen fingers or weight gain or water weight? Ugh. seriously, super model prego lady alert. :)

Okay, so it is very common at any time during your pregnancy for your rings to get a little "snug" so when was it? Did you buy a ring to replace them? Did you get a fake one? Where did you find it?

I was just checking out some of the fabulous selections and here is what I found:

The traditional "I am going to pretend it is real" ring from Target HERE
The "I know it is not real, but I am pregnant so get over it" ring from Etsy:
Faux ring from etsy HERE
And the "there are no words to describe this ring" ring

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Anonymous said...

I had a stretchy black freshwater pearl ring that I used after 30 weeks with my third. My first was born at 30 weeks so I hadn't gotten to that stage yet and I was pretty lucky with my 2nd to not get too swollen. But boy, with my 3rd I was lucky to be able to get on that stretchy ring some days. I love the huge fake ring. I might have to get one if we decide to go for a 4th!