Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild Wednesday: Obsessed much?

This isn't even half of my daughter's My Little Pony collection.
She is out of control... our friends who drop off hand me down My Little Ponies are out of control.

I think they do it to make me crazy! (just kidding! I love you guys and Ryann loves you even more!)

Want a free My Little Pony? Send your kid over to my house and I will send them home with one.

I am not joking. Want my address? Text me.

You don't have my cell #? That's weird. Ryann must have deleted it from the post so that no one comes to take away her toys.

Meet me at church then. She is always toting at least 5 or 9 or 12. Take one then. She can't get mad, Jesus was all about sharing too. It will be a nice teaching moment.

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Party Of Four said...

Nothing wrong with a collection of my little pony's! lol. I had a big one too when I was a kid. Now, I have boys, so it's replaced by trains. Ha ha. Thanks for the follow. Love your blog, following back! :)