Sunday, May 27, 2012

The circle of life......

We have just completed a three day safari at Kruger park, one of the biggest game parks in the world (its the size of a small country). A typical safari day goes like this---- wake up REALLY early-- like 5am, wear warm clothing (thank goodness for thermals!),have some coffee (not too much, since there are no bathrooms on safari!)...get in an open air jeep with a slowly on the path, scanning left and right to see if there are any interesting animals---look up and straight ahead, and a pack of elephants are literally crossing the road right in front of our jeep!!!! Take lots of pictures. Wait for the elephants to cross the road and then start driving again....scan the Bush for anything interesting-- suddenly spot a mother and baby rhino, not two feet away from our vehicle. More incredible picture-taking.Stop at a snack station and share your bench with babboons,trying to steal some food, until a man with a stick chased them away. This went on all day---hyenas, buffalo, giraffes, wild dogs, a leopard and even a female lioness......much of the time was spent sitting patiently and waiting for something to see----which is why a safari takes all day long! Its an experience I wouldn't trade for anything and one I will never forget! Tomorrow, back to work. We will be driving south about 5 hours to Tugela Ferry where we will re-open our medical and dental clinic;not sure what to expect as far as accommodations and work conditions, but I'll be ready! Probably no WiFi while we are there though so this may be the last blog post until Thursday.

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