Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy International Midwives Day!

May 5th is always a fun day for me. The past few years I have spent my May 5th with a small group of women in my community. I spend the evening with my sister midwives.

I spend time around a pool with good food, laughs, and chatting with the midwives of the Phoenix area.

I don't just spend time with the certified nurse midwives or the certified professional midwives or the licensed midwives  or lay or homebirth or hospital or medical midwives.

I spend it with my sisters. These women who care for the health and safety of mothers and babies. These women who know that moms have choices... the choice of how and where to give birth... the choice to bring their babies into the world without fear... the choice to connect with their midwife and remember the day of their birth for the rest of their lives.

I am proud to be a midwife.

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