Monday, May 14, 2012

Packing....and working....and packing....

As I continue to get ready for my trip to South Africa, I just keep thinking, "This would be so easy if I didn't have ANYthing else to do but get ready.....".but I have two college kids home from school (well, one newly graduated college kid, and one sophomore) one in Middle school, oh, and BTW a full time job. Add to that, the fact that I am in the midst of selling a house, and planning several big family summer events, and I'm kind of thinking that being away for a few weeks, even on a working trip, is really going to be a bit of a break. Planning for this trip has made me think about what kind of a traveler I really am----can I do without electricity? A hairdryer? A mattress? Wireless Internet? Well, I am surely about to find out. I have traveled quite a bit--in all kinds of circumstances, with many different companions, and in many different stages of my life; and I have never considered myself as someone in need of luxury, or even a soft mattress---but I really have no idea what type of accommodations we will be expecting. And as I have gotten older, sleeping on the floor (as I have done more than once) or traveling through multiple time zones (again, been there....) has gotten harder to recover from. My luggage contains multiple medications, MOSTLY for donating, and warding off Malaria----but there is plenty of Motrin, and Tylenol (and some better, stronger stuff, just-in-case) for my personal use, especially after an especially long plane ride (or jeep ride on unpaved roads!!). I am up for the task---but it may take a little more than it used to to KEEP me up and running.

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