Tuesday, May 22, 2012

finally....some South Africa Info!

I am really not sure where to begin....but the word "overwhelmed" seems a good place to start. Overwhelmed by the amazing people that I came on this trip with---Dr Fenderson and his wife Jeanne-- Fred, a dentist from NY, Angie his dental assistant, and Judy, another dental assistant;wonderful, caring medical professionals, all. They are all taking fantastic care of the poor people from Zandspruit, a poverty-stricken township here in Johannesburg where people would otherwise not have any care, or at least not the emergent care they need. As for me, by the time we get to the clinic at 8am, there is a huge line of women waiting to see me. The first day I saw 17 pregnant patients in the morning and 23 gyn patients in the afternoon....everything from vaginal infections to biopsies to educating about fertility and safe sex, to a woman in labor that we had to send to the hospital by ambulance (which took 3 hours to come)! I even did a little surgery on an infected hand!! I am overwhelmed by the poverty, by the kindness and appreciation these patients are showing us, in spite of the grim circumstances most of them are in; overwhelmed by the beauty of this country...today we went to a lion park, where even I (not a big fan of close ups with what are usually zoo animals)petted a cheetah! There is even a pet cheetah on the grounds of the lodge we are staying at! Anyway, I know we are doing good work here, performing needed and valuable services and I can only say that it all has somehow left me.....overwhelmed.

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Brittani said...

so amazing! I am so excited to continue to hear about your adventures. thank you so much for taking the time to share with us.