Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: La Leche League

Today I am thankful for La Leche League International. This is a true international organization that is there to help support breastfeeding women around the world.

Browse through their website. Find a local chapter, check out a chapter meeting. If you have, are planning on, or are currently breastfeeding they want to meet you. Not only can you join a local chapter, but you can participate in their online forum where you can have questions answered and talk with other women who are just like you. Trying to be the best mom for their baby.

These forums also include women who choose to not or can not breastfeed. The include information about feeding your baby solid foods and when/how to introduce them.

I could seriously spend all day on that website. It just amazes me how they are able to connect so many women in one place.

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