Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trusting Tuesday

Welcome to day 1 of our new and improved blog site.
We are always looking for comments and ways to improve on what we are doing.
We are attempting to have daily posts- Sunday through Friday- but obviously being a mommy and wife comes first- so that might not always happen. So come back, follow us, and check your RSS feeds to see when we update.

So- to start off on this beautiful February morning... Trusting Tuesday


reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of aperson or thing; confidence.
confident expectation of something; hope.

the obligation or responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence or authority is placed: a position of trust.

This will be the basis of our Tuesday posts.

During pregnancy we are expected to trust those who are caring for us. Our Doctors or midwives or other care providers. We trust our nurses, our doulas, the anesthesiologist, and the lab tech who comes to draw our blood.

Each week we will try to discuss these relationships and how we can build trust with those around us. How to interview a provider. How to decide where to give birth. How to know the decisions you are making during your pregnancy are right for you and your family. We will talk about how we come to trust ourselves and our own bodies to prepare for motherhood.

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