Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wild Wednesday: Superstitions

I found this list of superstitions from

Here are a range of superstitions and traditions I’ve heard:

  • If you want to conceive a boy, your husband should eat peanuts every day.
  • Do not look at monkeys (real or stuffed) or else your child will be ugly and wild when she’s born.
  • Do not bend forward from the hip while pregnant or your baby will choke on the thumb she’s sucking.
  • Wear socks or slippers on uncarpeted floors, even in the summertime, to keep your body constantly warm and to protect your female parts.
  • Women carrying baby girls tend to be happier than women who are carrying boys.
  • Do not wear high heels during pregnancy or your baby will “fall out.”
  • Sleeping next to a fan will suffocate you and your baby.
  • You must eat pots of seaweed soup, which aids in postpartum recovery.
  • Swaddle the baby in layers of clothes and blankets, even in the summer, to prevent them from getting sick.
  • Massage and stretch your baby’s chubby legs to encourage growth.
  • Pinch your baby’s nose to give it a defined bridge.
  • Eat lots of fruit if you want a pretty baby.

I have also heard of a few more.... a fast heart rate is a girl and a slower heart rate is a boy..... you have acne with a girl because they "suck" all the beauty out of you.... you can't lift your arms over your head or the baby will get strangled with it's umbilical cord....

What about you? What have you heard?

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