Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wild Wednesday

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You can stop pretending the black hairs growing on the back of your calves don't bother you this summer when you pull on those summer maternity shorts.

A new product promises to make the impossible happen: The Razor Reach lets pregnant women shave their own legs.

An extension arm that looks like it requires substantially more coordination than my fumbling pregnant fingers had, it also promises "maximum control when shaving" when connected to your non-electric standard razor. There's a 12-inch extension for $14.99 or an 18-inch one for $18.99 (razor not included).

Personally, I gave up on trying to balance in the shower after realizing I hadn't done that much complicated maneuvering since the days of sex in the shower in college.

I used the "sit on the side of the tub" trick when I was pregnant. I kept a cup to pour over my legs to keep them wet and just coated them in soap (these days I use conditioner or Coochy Cream).

You can ask your partner, but a bit of a warning: Remember how many nicks you got the first time you shaved your legs as a teenager? This is his first time shaving a leg. Be prepared for cut-up knees.

Better yet, tell him thanks but NO thanks.

When all else fails, you can simply hide in the house. Unless you're tied to rocking the sweat-covered miserable look?

Will you try the Razor Reach?

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