Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trusting Tuesday: Choosing your Care Provider

How did you choose who to take care of you during your pregnancy?
~Was it the doctor who did you first pap smear? And every pap smear since?
~Your mother's doctor?
~The nurse practitioner at the office closest to your house?
~Or was the office recommended by a friend or neighbor?

~Did your insurance company tell you where you could go?
~Did you call the local hospital for a list of names?
~Look in the yellow pages?
~Google it?

~They delivered your sister's baby?
~They delivered you?
~They delivered your past baby?

~Did you care if your provider was a male or female?
~Was it a small group, single practitioner, or large practice?

There are thousands of questions that go into picking who you will spend these important months of your life with. Do you trust this person? Will you trust this person?

My recommendation, no matter how you picked who would take care of your during your pregnancy, would be to trust that person. Feel comfortable with them. Don't ever leave the office feeling like a question was unanswered. Don't leave feeling ignored, or like just another name on their list of pregnant moms. Don't leave feeling like you weren't listened to, as if you don't matter, or that you were stupid for asking questions.

You know what... I take it back... if you do leave the office feeling this way... then LEAVE. Find a new practitioner and never go back. Request your records and find someone you can trust, and who will trust you in return.

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