Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Friday: Fertility Necklace

I found this Fertility Necklace on Etsy. Not all of our followers are mamas, but many want to be. I love that I have never thought of the Pomegranate as a fertility symbol. I love poms. My mom has a friend who makes Pomegranate jam every year and it is to die for.

Back to the necklace- I think it is just fabulous and simple. Nothing crazy and full of good fertility energy.

Check it out HERE
Silver necklace pendant -Pomegranate - Black
Silver necklace pendant -Pomegranate - BlackSilver necklace pendant -Pomegranate - Black

Silver necklace pendant -Pomegranate - BlackSilver necklace pendant -Pomegranate - BlackSilver necklace pendant -Pomegranate - Black

****The pomegranate symbolizes blessing, abundance,Fertility, beauty and wisdom****

These elegant pendant are made of sterling silver Pomegranate bezel set, and resin in shades of black color.
The chain is made of sterling silver.

Measurements: chain length - 41mm (16")
pomegranate diameter - 17.3- 21mm (0.68"-0.82")


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Missy said...

that is a cute necklace. We have a pomegranite tree in our backyard and I've been trying to think of ways to use them when they are in season. I didn't even think of jam!