Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trusting Tuesday: Babywise


There has been quite "the stir" lately about the American Academy of Pediatrics warning parents about using Babywise as a method of parenting. Babywise is a very popular and well known book that teaches parents how to get their children on a schedule. I have seen it work very well for multiple friends.

The fear that is presented is that parents are not letting their children have "demand" feedings. In turn this can cause the baby to not be getting enough to eat, causing failure to thrive or dehydration. In Babywise the baby learns to cry itself to sleep and stay on a schedule. This is supposed to help everyone feel a sense of balance and order.

I see both sides of this method. I see mom's who have been very successful with this method. Their children are well rounded, happy, well fed, and turn into sweet toddlers. I have also seen a baby be diagnosed with failure to thrive because the mother had missed feeding cues and was scheduling feedings instead of letting them be on demand.

I also feel that a lot of people who are criticizing the method of Babywise are using the American Academy of Pediatrics as a driving force behind their arguments. However, a lot of the parents who are against babywise are against vaccines and are pro co-sleeping.

Am I wrong- or does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend vaccines and strictly encourage "back to sleep" to reduce the risk of SIDS?

Can we have it one way or no way? How can we argue that even the AAP supports something but ignore the fact that they support something else? I guess education is the key. Trust your decisions, but allow room for adjustments. Vaccines or babywise or pacifiers or rice cereal or formula or whatever- make the best decisions for you and your family- but allow room for adjustments. Because your baby will change daily and so will you.

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