Monday, June 6, 2011

Mommy Monday: BABYSTEALS!

Seriously I don't even know if I should post this?? Guess where we are featured today? BABYSTEALS! a website that features products for moms and babies every day at HUGE discounts! Seriously, what were we thinking?

We were thinking that a lot of moms, like ourselves, are on budgets. We try to offer coupon codes and discounts when we can, but NEVER at these prices!! Since we are small and our production is all done in the USA with top quality materials, we usually can't afford offers like this.

One of the biggest reasons we put our gowns on Babysteals is to advertise, to spread the love, and let the world know about Laborlooks and how wonderfully fabulous we are :) I mean, how wonderfully fabulous our GOWNS are.

So if you have been holding out on purchasing one because of the price, wait no longer. Head over to and support us. This offer is only good for 12 hours!!!


alexisl said...

so awesome - thanks for offering your gowns on babysteals! since it was such a great deal, i got two! :)
can't wait to use it; wish i had had one with my first) ...

Saffron Capson said...

I was so excited to see your products on baby steals this morning, until I took a closer look. From what I could tell there is no way to un-do your gown down the front (whatever happened to giving our babies full skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery?)... It also didn't look like there was access for breastfeeding either (I might be wrong on this one). To me this product looked completely geared toward the use of epidurals making medical interventions convenient. I would love to see a product that would be helpful in a more natural delivery (e.g. ties/snaps in the front etc).

Anonymous said...

Hi Saffron, Our gowns absolutely snap open ~ They snap down along the sleeves so baby can be put skin-to-skin and breastfeed easily. This is a must!