Sunday, June 5, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: Running Mama

So I have a friend who is a runner. She also is a blogger. She also is a lawyer. I love reading her blog because she always makes me laugh and it almost inspires me to get outside and go running. But then I remember I am a hiker and I don't have good running shoes and it is very hot here in Phoenix.

Anyway, I love this new little niche of running bloggers. So I decided to try to find a pregnant mama who is a running blogger. Boy did I find one! Here is a mama who is 14 weeks pregnant with identical twins. I am thinking about sending her a Laborlooks gown- what do you think??

Here is her blog LINK

Here is a picture I stole from her blog... without her permission. Wow, I hope she doesn't come back and hate me for this! :)
I adore the picture though, how cute is that? The daddy's eyes just make me laugh out loud.

So I am now following her blog- I want to see how this pregnancy progresses with her twins and how well she can keep up her running.

As a midwife I often encourage my patients to continue their exercise programs as long as they stay well hydrated, don't experience any bleeding or contractions, and can breathe through their nose during the work out. <----- the nose thing is a good way to make sure you aren't pushing yourself too hard or getting your heart rate too fast. Another way to say this is you can keep working out as long as you can carry on a conversation, pretty much the same idea.
****disclaimer**** please talk to your healthcare provider before starting an exercise routine during pregnancy. Also ask your healthcare provider about your current exercise routine in pregnancy.****

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froggie08 said...

You should send her a gown!!! :)