Sunday, June 12, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: DiaperDude Winner!

True Random Number Generator 19

The winner of our DiaperDude $25 gift card was #19 who was Jan!

I think this is very fitting. Jan is a mother of 3 boys. 3 wonderfully handsome boys.
Jan also taught my hypnobirthing class with daughter #2.
Jan had a breech vaginal birth with her baby #2.
(seriously an awesome story! Maybe I will get her to share it with us)

Guess who was the very first nurse who oriented me to labor and delivery nursing when I was in nursing school. Yes, Jan.

I could go on for days about Jan. She has her masters degree in public health nursing, she is an amazing seamstress, cook, and a very generous woman. I wish Jan lived closer. My husband also wishes they lived closer because he is great friends with Jan's husband.

Congrats Jan and thanks for entering.

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