Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: Organic Breast Pads

I am not sure why I never used reusable breast pads. I am talking about the nursing pads you put in your nursing bra when you are breastfeeding in order to prevent leaks onto your clothes.

Come on- we all leaked once or twice onto our clothes- especially that first time your milk comes in and you wake up drenched. Believe me 1st time moms- it will happen.

I always used the lansinoh breast pads. I guess I used them because I used Lansinoh nipple cream and Lansinoh storage bags for my milk. Also I really like what they stand for. I felt they weren't trying to sell their products as much as they were really trying to help others.

(Obviously they are a business and trying to make money- but somehow in my mind I was a loyal customer and very supportive of this brand.)

Anyway, they are individually wrapped in plastic, they have a plastic backing to cover the sticky side of the pad. Talk about wasteful. Anyway, I probably went through 30 boxes of these guys with each nursling because I nursed and leaked for so long.

So why in the world would I use cloth diapers to help be green but not use cloth nursing pads??

Enter My Organic Breast Pads HERE

I am sold. They are organic, washable, reusable, and cute. Sure they are usually hidden by a nursing bra and they get all covered in milk, but we will be saving the earth and protecting from embarassing leaks in style.
LOVE THEM! What do you think??

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love it thanks for the link :)