Monday, March 21, 2011

Mommy Monday: Little Girls

Did anyone look at the moon this past weekend? I saw this print and it inspired me to take my 4 year old out in the backyard on a blanket and look at the moon. I tried to make it a special moment and cuddle with her as she squirmed and wanted me to push her on the swing.

So my relaxing bonding moment didn't work yet with my 4 year old little girl.
Maybe when she is 5?
or 8?
but probably not when she is 15... because why would she want to spend time with her mommy then?
I promise to always try to talk to my little girls, even when they are getting big. I will hug them and squeeze them and they may hate me for it, but I am sure that I will be able to convince them to hug me by making threats of talking about STD's and weird smells I smell at my job.

Too much? Yes. Sorry.
Let me just say, it is never to early to start making these "special moments" with your little girls. (Or little boys for that matter- I just don't have any so I can't give a good opinion on it.) I love my little girls and I am so thankful for the bond and love we have for each other. There is nothing better than being a mommy.

Print found HERE by KatHannah

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