Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trusting Tuesday: Inductions part 1

I am not a big fan of elective inductions.
Meaning- there isn't a medical reason to do the induction.
So why would I do a "Trusting Tuesday" post about them.
Well, actually I am doing a whole series of posts about inductions.

In order to trust something, you should be educated, you should be informed. Unfortunately in, in our world today women often have a skewed view of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood.

I once had a mom say, "I just want this (pregnancy) to be over with so I can start sleeping through the night again."

Yes, it was quite a shock at 38 weeks pregnant when I looked her in the eye and said, "You do know you won't be sleeping through the night for about another 6 months??"

*snicker giggle snicker laugh*
I promise I didn't laugh right away, I actually felt really bad for this mom who hadn't put the two together... reminds me of the Friends episode about Rachel's baby shower... anyone know what I am talking about?

Okay, back to inductions. In our world today we are all about convenience. We text, email, tweet, facebook, and check in from our cell phones. We blog and have access to information all at the tips of our fingers. Our online community of mommies tells us different ways to start labor "naturally" but then there is always that mom who writes about going to get induced tomorrow. And then everyone is jealous.

We know deep down that we should let our body go into labor on its own. But we are so impatient. We want to see and touch and feel our little one. We want that day to be now. We are full term, so, if the baby will be healthy, then why wait?

Guess what? Even if you are full term your baby might not be ready, but another thing we don't look at is if our BODY is ready!

How do we know if our body is "ready" for labor? I found an awesome article that points out some important things about inductions HERE and I am going to pull some of that information out and show it to you in the table below.

A Bishop score is a way of measuring how ready your cervix is for labor. This doesn't mean you will have an easy or hard labor, and it also doesn't give us an indication of when your body will go into labor spontaneously. It just gives us a good indication of how well your body will respond to an induction. **mind you this doesn't mean how well the baby will respond to an induction either**

Hopefully this is some new information that you can look at to learn more about inductions. In order to trust something and not jump into it blindly, we need to know as much as we can before we proceed. Educate yourself and you will help you and your baby out in the long run.

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