Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trusting Tuesday: A new baby

I used to hear my friends talk about their fear of having a second child.
I thought they were worried about the time, the stress, the regression, the finances, and more.
But when I heard that they were worried that they wouldn't be able to love their second baby as much as their first... I laughed.

How could that be possible? Of course you can love both babies equally. Why would you not be able to?

And then that day comes.
I knew I would be able to love my second baby as much as my first, but then that sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach made me question that.

Would I ever be able to have the relationship with my second that I have had with my first? It would never just be me and my baby anymore. Could this new baby replace my old baby as "the baby?"

Guess what? Ignore that scary sinking feeling in the back of your mind. TRUST your heart. Know that there is room for one more. Know that your heart expands to hold all the love it will ever need for that new baby.

But cherish every minute you have with your little one before the next one comes.

Here I am in my bathtub- in labor- spending those last couple moments with my oldest before her little sister came along. Those precious moments that I will cherish forever.

Precious moments I held until that next contraction when I kicked her out of the tub, dried off, and headed into the hospital to welcome baby #2.
See how tight my belly is there? Yup- trying to smile through that contraction.

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Kathy said...

loved this post! it makes me feel so much better. thanks.