Sunday, March 27, 2011

Special Guest Sunday: DoulaBooBees

Fashion statement? I am not sure.
Political statement? I doubt it- but could be- with Michelle Obama supporting breastfeeding and all.
Act of defiance? NO.
A way to keep your baby's head warm while you are breastfeeding? Yes.
An attempt to NORMALIZE breastfeeding in public? Of course.
These cute little crochet hats were made by my wonderful friend Michelle. She has an etsy shop at DoulaBooBees. She is a birth and post partum doula, as well as a childbirth educator in the Phoenix area. She is quite crafty and she believes KNOWS that nursing in public is a very normal and natural thing. So she decided to make these hats.

Occasionally when you breastfeed in public there are people who may get upset. Fortunately I don't see this happening very often anymore, but it certainly does. Every state has a policy on breastfeeding in public and in Arizona it is 100% legal. You do not need to hide in a bathroom and you can't kicked out of any place (that you legally can be in when you are not breastfeeding) for doing so. Tomorrow I will post more on that...back to DoulaBooBees...

When nursing in public people are soooo worried about being flashed by a breast. They think they will feel uncomfortable and it will be icky and gross and what if breast milk gets on something... eeew... (sarcasm emphasized)

To take away the fear of those around you, that fear of accidentally being flashed by a nursing mother's breast, just put the BooBee hat on your baby's head and latch them right on. All those people who were afraid of seeing a breast will get a pretty good look and hopefully chuckle- knowing that it really isn't scary.

Thank you Michelle and all you do for women, mothers, families and babies!!

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