Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Online Photo Shops

I am not crafty... I attempt it, I mimic what others have done, I complete projects... but for the life of me I cannot dream it. I can't make it up, I can't imagine it, and I probably will never be able to.

Whew. I got that off my chest.
With that being said, I LOVE my successful attempts at being crafty, most are due to the help of online photo websites.

Where do you print of your normal photos? Where do you make cards? Scrapbooks? Blog books? Photo albums?

If I need to pick up some prints in an hour, I have a walgreens around the corner. So I use their online photo shop
If I am making a big project I often use Snapfish

However, if I need to make that very special project- not a generic, I know someone else who made it project- then I go on over to Heritage Makers. I was outraged by their p
rices and subscription fees and the constant emails from a local Heritage Makers Rep... but I will admit it was one of the cutest projects I have ever made. A card game of Old Maid using my family as all the characters.
So this Thursday I am thankful for creative people all around me, who allow me to keep track of my beautiful girls and how they grow up.

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