Monday, April 4, 2011

Mommy Monday: Obsessions

Occasionally we get OBSESSED about things as moms.

Diaper bag obsessions- I think more than 6 is a pretty good obsession. If you know the name skip hop, Fleurville, ju-ju-be, petunia pickle bottom, JJ Cole, Kalencom, OiOi, or Dad Gear to name a few, then you might be obsessed.

Or obsessed with baby carriers- Mei Tei, Becco, Ergo, Didymos, Elleville, Kabuki, Hotslings, Maya wrap, moby wrap.

Well I think this picture shows us a new level of obsession- Cloth Diapers-

Found HERE

I wonder if these are handmade? Store bought? and how long did it take to collect all these?

I really don't know who or where this picture came from, it was just floating around Facebook the other day and I snagged it. If you know the source---- please comment because I would LOVE to find out how these were accumulated!

What are some of your obsessions? Baby shoes? Pacifiers? Bottles? Onesies? Burp cloths?

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