Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trusting Tuesdays: Car Seat Pictures


I have blogged a lot about car seats and the American Academy of Pediatrics and laws and all that, but this past week Daily Momtra posted an amazing post about what your child should look like when in a car seat.

This post is so much easier to use when teaching yourself or others how to have your child in a car seat. Take a look at the full post- but here is a little sample of the pictures she uses to show you the difference between safe and unsafe. The picture on the left, if done when kids are a little older- is how they get their arms out of the car seat. It is important to make sure it is positioned properly. Now stop reading this blog and click on the link!!
Chest Clip: The name is self-explanatory, so I thought. It belongs between armpit and nipple

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